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Cayman Islands Communication - Rental Car Services


Telephone service providers in the Cayman Islands include C & W, Digicel and AT&T. Service is available 24 hours a day. The area code is (345) followed by seven digits.

Long-distance access numbers include:
AT&T USA DIRECT: 1- (800) 872 - 2881
US SPRINT 1- (888) 366 - 4663
MCI DIRECT: 1- (800) 624 - 1000

Area codes and detailed instructions for international calling are included in the first few pages of the Cayman Islands Telephone/Services Directory.

CardPhone service

is now available at select locations on all three islands. Pre-paid phone cards in values of CI$10, $15 and $30 can be purchased at the C&W main office in Anderson Square in George Town; at the Cayman Brac post office and most services stations.

Internet connections for visitors:

You can dial 976-4638 and connect at CI$0.12 per minute. No log on or password is required.

Electrical System:

Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd., known locally as "CUC", commenced operations as the only public electric utility in Grand Cayman, the largest of the three Cayman Islands, in May 1966. Electricity in the Cayman Islands is equivalent to standards used in North America. IE: 60 cycle and 110 voltage.


The Cayman Islands has many local radio stations: Government-owned Radio Cayman, which is heard throughout the three islands; Rooster 101.1 country music radio; Heaven 97 Christian radio; and ICCI-FM, based at the International College of the Cayman Islands and staffed by Journalism student volunteers. There are many, many more stations to choose from: just browse the airwaves and find your favorite genre!


There are four local television stations: CITN (channel 27); CTS (24); CCTV, Cayman Christian Television (21) and CATN/TV-30 Cayman Adventist Television Network. The government franchise granted to CITN and CTS also allows them to provide local wireless cable television service (WESTAR). CCTV , which relays 24-hours Christian programming from Trinity Broadcasting Network in Santa Ana, CA, is funded privately by local citizens. WESTAR provides many American network stations such as NBC, ABC, CBS and TNT, as well as specialty stations such as the Discovery Channel, HBO, USA and TMC.

In addition, there are many satellite television systems available in the Cayman Islands.

Local video clubs, including Blockbuster Video outlets, are popular in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, and visitors can arrange temporary accounts using major credit cards. Grand Cayman also boasts a new video club, "Reel Video", located in the Airport Shopping Centre. Both Blockbuster and Reel Video offer movies and television shows on VHS and DVD, as well as having a large selection of video games.

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